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My Fairytale CABARET ® 2016

About Us

Passion for acting industry and film growing in our hart's from 2004. Since 2007 several times we try to create film group to make films, to act, to be creative using our Love to this beautiful profession's. In 2013 we establish  first group named "mLODZI gNIEWNI" we realise two projects min web series "W Livingu" and short film/ commercial "Think before you act".  In 2016 we transform "mLODZI gNIEWNI" into My Fairytale CABARET. From that moment we produce: Vlog:  "Actress Vlog" , Commercial: "My Inspiration", Short Film: "Goodbye", "Knock,Knock. . .", Photo's:  Headshoot, Music Video: "Christmas Song" Ewelina & The Eyes. . . and many many more in the future!!!

The Team

The People of My Fairytale CABARET ® 

Evelyn Bear


Ewelina Niedzwiedz

Actor/ Director


Assistant/ Artist

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